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Assistive Computer Technology

Listed below are evaluations and general recommendations for equipment and policies for the implementation of an on-campus High Tech Center or the creation of an Alternate Media Center. These software and hardware solutions are recommendations based on testing and use at the High Tech Center Training Unit. Prices for hardware/software are estimations and may not reflect actual retail or educational costs.

What is a High Tech Center?

High Tech Centers provide a campus location for students with disabilities to learn and acquire new skills for use with assistive computer technology. The HTCTU has released a document recommending core technologies, staffing, and practices for establishing a High Tech Center at the college level.


Resources for Learning Disability Specialists

The following resources were developed by Stacey Kayden through a grant from the Chancellor's Office for the California Community Colleges to serve the needs of Learning Disability Specialists and students in the California Community College system. Content includes an overview of services available at local institutions for students with learning disabilities as well as strategy guides using various assistive computer technologies available in High Tech Center labs.


Technology Recommendations


Evaluating Assistive Computer Technology

As new and emerging technologies are introduced to the field, the High Tech Center Training Unit will evaluate those technologies to determine if they can be of use to students with disabilities in the California Community College system.


Sample Job Descriptions